These pieces will make a great accessory for any Dugout!!!

Wooden/Brass Bats One Hitters

Need a Bat with some bite! What an idea, I wish I would’ve came up with it. These bats have really sharp teeth and will make easy work when digging your tobacco.

These silver steel one hitters measure 3” in length and conveniently holds loose tobacco for an easy way to smoke.

These Black bats are the same as the cigarette style just painted black is all!

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All bats I offer are the standard large size 3”.

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These Brass bats are the standard large size—3”, they are 3/8” in diameter, these do fit in all my dugouts, but they are tight and you may not like how tight they are! All my pieces are 1/4” diameter from the wooden bats to the metal bats that come with any dugout purchase. I am told by my supplier that they will fit in all the others out there.

Notice: By purchasing one of my pipes, you agree that you are 18 years of age and pipes are legal in your state. You also agree that you are purchasing my products for herbal blends or tobacco use only!!!

Look all over the web and you will not find any Wooden Pipes or Dugouts more satisfying than what you’re looking at right here. Grown here in the USA and made in the USA for you to enjoy anywhere!!!


All orders are shipped discreetly. Items in stock only ship on Mondays & Tuesdays!!! Minimum order to ship is $10!

Free worldwide shipping on all orders!!!!

Ed accepts all major credit cards.


Please note by the nature of the various woods that are used often there may be a small void, bark inclusion, or even a knot, however these pieces have been sanded, sealed, and buffed to perfection and are just as Mother Nature intended!!!


Email me with any questions, ideas, or comments. All feedback is welcome.


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Ed's Quartz Bat/One Hitters/

For discerning tastes I present the quartz glass cigarette bat. Colorless glass one hitters made of quartz guarantees a better tasting smoking experience compared to aluminum bats.

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