Finest and Rarest Choice Wooden Arizer Solo Vapor Stems

Each use brings about a nuance that is definitely distinctive and accentuates the experience every time. Vapor is crisper and cooler and provides a unique taste.

I began making the wooden Solo stem as an alternative to the stock glass vapor stems that come with the Arizer Solo. Measure in at 4” in length x just a little over a 1/2” OD, fit snug and secure in the unit, has 4 slots to provide for extra airflow. A 1/2” screen is installed with a retaining clip, and a small stainless steel pin is inserted through the bushing and into the wood to ensure no separation. Being wood they are virtually indestructible.

All pieces have a 14mm tapered mouth piece, making them useable as a water pipe attachment!

These have all been turned down to a 14mm tapered end at the mouthpiece so they may be used with any water attachment you may have, and have been told they fit nicely in an 18mm adapter also!

These stems should never be submerged for cleaning!!! Remove the screen and clip, then simply dampen a cotton swab or pipe cleaner with ISO, shake off the excess and gently push through. Never ever submerge the wood!!!

At 2” in length and made from dense African Blackwood, these pieces make a great attachment for any 14mm water tool!

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Mexican Cocobolo is the most sought after of the species, has very distinct grain markings and rich vibrant tones.

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These pieces are hand crafted from 5400 year old Bog Oak, reclaimed from a Ukrainian river bog laying buried in time: - a true blessing from Mother Nature! They are rich in mineral deposits that give them their rich black-as-night coloring. They make for a great match with the black Arizer Solo unit.

Bog OakEd's TnT Wood Grain FrameEd's TnT Wood Grain FrameEd's Blackwood Arizer Solo Wooden Vapor Stem Wong/edstnt.comSolo Wong

African Blackwood finishes a lot like Cocobolo with a sleek glossy shine and makes the best match with the black Solo.

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Look all over the web and you will not find any Wooden Pipes, Dugouts, or Vapor Stems more satisfying than what you’re looking at right here! Each finely crafted piece is hand made from U.S. conservation grown and harvested tropical wood species, exclusively made here in the USA for you to enjoy anywhere! Rare nonnative and exotic wood species are also available - call or email for details.



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Please note by the nature of the various woods that are used often, there may be a small void, bark inclusion, or even a knot, however these pieces have been sanded, sealed, and buffed to perfection and are just as Mother Nature intended.

All feedback is welcome.








Notice: By purchasing one of my hand made vapor stems, pipes, or dugouts, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age, and these products are legal in your state. You also agree that you are purchasing my products for herbal blends or tobacco use only!
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I searched all over for a simple tool for removing the clip/ring that holds the screen in place within the bushing and have had no luck. Then it struck me, why not make your own!


It’s a multi tool, a clip removal tool, a stir, a poker! Hand made from Hawaiian Black Heart Mango with a heavy duty 1/8” thick x 2” length stainless steel blade, at 4 1/2” in total length and a polished brass ferrule.


Blade is very SHARP!

The metal retaining clip/ring has a small eyelet at either end of the ring. To remove the clip simply poke the blade of the tool in one of the eyelets and pry up with a backward motion. This will dislodge the clip and allow you to remove it so the screen may be replaced.

Buy Now Button - www.edstnt.comClip/Ring removal Tool$18.89Eds Wooden Cocobolo Arizer Solo Stems/edstnt.comEds Wooden Granadillo Arizer Solo Stems/edstnt.comEds Wooden Blackwood Arizer Solo Stems/edstnt.comEds Wooden Bog Oak Arizer Solo Stems/$34.89Ed's TnT Wood Grain FrameCocobolo Solo

2” Length with a 14mm Taper made from the finest Nicaraguan

Cocobolo with vibrant colors and rich tones.

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I want to share with you my latest work its made from the finest Mexican Catalox, all hand turned, 5pc. matching 4” straight stem, 18mm wong, 14mm wong, poker/stir tool, and Solo station that has the bottom covered with North American Bison leather to ensure there is no sliding.


Keeps your Arizer Solo, necessary accessories, and tool all organized in one place!


Can be ordered custom made from a variety of wood species that will surely suit your style.


If interested please email or call for more information!

Arizer Solo Vape Station/Stem set