About a year ago, a big storm blew through my hunting land and toppled a big Red Oak. It was the biggest one on the property. I couldn't let it go to waste! I got a few logs and took em to my sawyer.

Ed's TnT Wooden Dugouts/One Hitters

The finish on the Walnut Dugouts are very nice and have a luster that really accentuates the grain. This wood is undoubtedly one of the very finest woods that America has to offer!

George Washington chopped one down to teach us all the value of telling the truth, and we all grow up hoping that life will be as pleasant as a bowl of cherries.

Blue Mahoe, is the Royal wood of Jamaica! It has a beautiful bluish/green grain that just pops out at ya. The sap wood is a soft white that provides an amazing contrast. I can assure you that these are the only of their kind in existence!

I have just created what I believe to be one of my finest dugouts yet. They are made from 100% organically grown Bamboo. The detail in the wood is so great, you can even see the veins in the exquisite detail.

These pieces are native to Tasmania, and are rarely seen in this dark rich red with such heavy ribbon curl. These are surely the rarest of rare. I have yet to see anything like them anywhere.

I call it Big Eye because its getting harder and harder to find this species with burl eyes like this. Swirls and few eyes are more common. These are spectacular. I am a burl guy and the eyes in these are sweet!

Yes this wood has spots!!! Leopardwood is some amazing wood! The spots on these dugouts run all the way through and are extremely texture-rich and visually stunning!!!

This rich dense Zebrawood from West Africa makes some of the most amazing Dugouts! Very dense and durable, and will certainly hold all the tobacco you can stuff in em!

I ran across a few blocks of this and had to have it. From Hawaii, its Black Heart Mango. Not quite as dense as Oak, finishes really soft and sleek in your hand.

Centuries ago, in China, the unauthorized cutting down of one was punishable by death. They live for a very long time with the oldest known living tree being about 1500 years old.

I have been collecting this species for 5 years, its notorious for voids and inclusions, so hard to find workable pieces, finally had enough to put something together. These are one of a kind!!!

Ed's Mississippi Red Oak Wooden Dugout/www.edstnt.com/onehitter/headshop

These Dugouts are the best of the best. Amboyna Burl is one of the rarest woods on this earth! The grain has the wildest eyes and swirls that can not be found in any other species.

Cut by our forefathers two centuries ago and has been sitting at the bottom of the Chipola River in Florida since the early 1800s!

Cocobolo is in the Rosewood species and Mexican Cocobolo is said to be the best of the Rosewood species in the world!

Cocobolo grows on a thin band along the Pacific Coast of Mexico down through Central America.

Koa is one of Hawaiis largest native trees and has been called King of the Hawaiian Woods.

Afzelia burl comes to us from Southeast Asia. Over the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain, especially in the burl form. Afzelia is just as rare as Amboyna Burl!

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These 4 Dugouts are a great way to pack up your tobacco, tote it, & toke on it at any good time!!! They are the standard large size, 4Hx2Wx3/4T.

Sinker CypressSee More:Ed's Asian Camphor Burl Wooden Dugouts/One Hitters/edstnt.comCamphor BurlSee More:MangoSee More:BambooEd's Asian Bamboo Wooden Dugouts/One Hitters/edstnt.com/HeadshopSee More:Blue GumSee More:See More:Big Eye Afzelia Burl

Eds Originals Dugouts are made from the finest Eastern Red Cedar grown on my farm here in Mississippi & made here in the USA for you to enjoy anywhere.

Ed's "As Seen On Showtimes - Weeds" Button/www.edstnt.comOriginalEd's Mississippi Original Wooden Dugout/one-hitters/www.edstnt.com/headshopSee More:

These Bocote Dugouts showcase bold patterning and dramatic stripes. Its golden brown backdrop is interspersed with deep chocolate veins and it has a fine texture that polishes beautifully.

Ed's "As Seen On Showtimes - Weeds" Button/www.edstnt.comBocoteEd's Costa Rican Bocote Wooden Dugout/one-hitters/www.edstnt.com/HeadshopSee More:

These Dugouts are from the most choice pieces of California Redwood. This wood is actually Redwood burl which gives it very distinctive markings that cant be found in normal woods.

Redwood BurlWalnutEd's TnT Canadian Black Walnut Dugout/one hitter/www.edstnt.com/HeadshopSee More:Red OakEd's "As Seen On Showtimes - Weeds" Button/www.edstnt.comLeopardwoodZebrawoodEd's West African Zebrawood Wooden Dugout/one-hitters/www.edstnt.com/HeadshopEd's "As Seen On Showtimes - Weeds" Button/www.edstnt.comSee More:

I have a friend who is a master wood carver and exotic wood dealer. He is from Laos, and frequently travels home to visit family. He brings back to the US only the most choice and rarest woods known to man.

Blue MahoeEd's "As Seen On Showtimes - Weeds" Button/www.edstnt.comCrape MyrtleEd's TnT Asian Crape Myrtle Dugout/one hitter/headshop/www.edstnt.comCherrySee More:Ed's "As Seen On Showtimes - Weeds" Button/www.edstnt.comSee More:Buckeye BurlSee More:KoaEd's TnT Hawaiian Koa Dugout/one hitter/headshop/www.edstnt.com/dugoutSee More:Amboyna BurlEd's Blue Mahoe Wooden Dugout/one-hitters/headshop/www.edstnt.comEd's TnT Cocobolo Dugout/one hitter/headshop/www.edstnt.comEd's TnT Leopardwood Dugout/one hitter/www.edstnt.com/HeadshopEd's "As Seen On Showtimes - Weeds" Button/www.edstnt.comEd's California Redwood Burl Wooden Dugout/one-hitters/www.edstnt.com/headshop/dugoutEd's "As Seen On Showtimes - Weeds" Button/www.edstnt.comEd's TnT Sinker Cypress Dugout/one hitter/headshop/www.edstnt.comEd's North American Cherry Wooden Dugout/one-hitters/www.edstnt.com/headshopsEd's TnT Hawaiian Koa Dugout/one hitter/headshop/www.edstnt.com/dugoutEd's TnT Tasmanian Blue Gum Dugout/one hitter/www.edstnt.com/HeadshopGranadillo

This Granadillo came to us from Guatemala. Its a very dense species with rich dark heartwood tones with a contrasting white sapwood. It is similar to Cocobolo. Another name for Granadillo is Mexican Rosewood.

Ed's TnT Granadillo Dugout/one hitter/headshop/www.edstnt.comEd's Asian Amboyna Burl Wooden Dugout/one-hitters/www.edstnt.com/headshopEd's TnT Asian Afzelia Burl Dugout/one hitter/www.edstnt.com/headshopAfzeliaEd's TnT Asian Afzelia Burl Dugout/one hitter/www.edstnt.com/headshopBloodwoodEd's TnT Bloodwood Dugout/one hitter/headshop/www.edstnt.comSee More:

Bloodwood is extraordinarily hard and dense with a really tight grain. These pieces come from Central America.

Ed's TnT BuckEye Burl Dugout/one hitter/headshop/www.edstnt.comEd's TnT Hawaiian Mango Dugout/one hitter/www.edstnt.com/headshop
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Look all over the web and you will not find any Wooden Pipes, Dugouts, or Vapor Stems more satisfying than what youre looking at right here! Each finely crafted piece is hand made from U.S. conservation grown and harvested tropical wood species, exclusively made here in the USA for you to enjoy anywhere! Rare nonnative and exotic wood species are also available - call or email for details.



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Please note by the nature of the various woods that are used often, there may be a small void, bark inclusion, or even a knot, however these pieces have been sanded, sealed, and buffed to perfection and are just as Mother Nature intended.

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